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Carefree holidays by the sea!

Do you also love holidays by the sea? The sultry summer evenings, romantic sunsets, a breath of fresh air by the sea, a sunny day at the beach or a bike ride through the dunes. Our comfortable bungalows are just 300m from the beach and the cosy centre of Westende-Bad.

Come and enjoy a carefree beach holiday with the (grand)children, just the two of you or with friends or family. We are happy to make it perfect for you. All bungalows offer a lot of privacy so you will immediately feel 'at home'. Besides renting a bungalow we also have a number of bungalows for sale. That's ideal ... your own bungalow by the sea!

We hope to see you soon in Westende-Bad!


Car-free park

Ideal for children


cycling, walking, nature

Sea & beach

at only 300 metres

Free Wifi

In almost all bungalow

Team Jonkershof

Team Jonckershof welcomes you!
Pieterjan, Pia, Andries and employees

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