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Carefree holidays by the sea!


Do you also love holidays by the sea? The sultry summer evenings, romantic sunsets, a breath of fresh air by the sea, a sunny day at the beach or a bike ride through the dunes. Our comfortable bungalows are just 300m from the beach and the cosy centre of Westende-Bad.

Come and enjoy a carefree beach holiday with the (grand)children, just the two of you or with friends or family. We are happy to make it perfect for you. All bungalows offer a lot of privacy so you will immediately feel 'at home'. Besides renting a bungalow we also have a number of bungalows for sale. That's ideal ... your own bungalow by the sea!

We hope to see you soon in Westende-Bad!


Zee & strand

op slechts 300 meter


cycling, walking, nature

Autovrij park

ideaal voor de kinderen

Free Wifi

In almost all bungalow

Een ligging om van te dromen

Een ligging om van te dromen

Ontdek onze prachtige omgeving
Fraaie bungalows met veel privacy

Fraaie bungalows met veel privacy

Voor 2 tot 8 personen
Het hele jaar geopend!

Het hele jaar geopend!

geniet 365 dagen per jaar

Team Jonkershof

Team Jonckershof welcomes you!
Pieterjan, Pia, Andries and employees

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