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We're opening again!

After more than 2 months of waiting impatiently, the word of salvation has finally fallen. Last Wednesday the Security Council decided that we can rent out our holiday homes again from 8 June. Our foreign guests are welcome back from 15 June.

How do we ensure a safe stay?

The sector has provided us with a roadmap to guarantee you a safe stay. A whole list of precautions for the cleaning of the houses but also for the reception in our reception and interventions on site. We also provide guidelines and disinfectant in every property to keep the property safe at all times, even during your stay. 

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Can we go to the restaurant?

Together with the holiday rental there is also a green light for the catering industry. So you no longer have to rely on your own cooking skills to enjoy your holiday.

Do I need a beach pass?

It has been regularly reported in the media over the past month : Is there enough space at the beach or will we have to make a reservation? 

One coastal town is not the other. Ostend and Blankenberge both have a train station. A lot of day-trippers arrive here, which means that these beaches will become "overcrowded" more quickly.

Middelkerke has an 8 km long sandy beach with 16 guarded areas and 6 first aid posts. According to measurements there is room for 60,000 people a day. Reserving a place will not be necessary.